Michelangelo 5014T
Column shaped loudspeaker
Specifiche tecniche
Power60-120W 100V
Sensibility96 dB
Max output level117 dB
Frequency Response 260-20000 Hz
Horizontal cover180°
Loudspeaker14 x 2"
ConnectionsCables on terminal
Weight4,7 Kg
ColorPearly white
HK-M6 - 2
SCA 140-109
SCA 250-150
The column shaped speaker systems MICHELANGELO represent a fundamental step forward in the reproduction of human voice. Thanks to the use of special loudspeakers, designed with the most advanced technology and intended to be inserted in an already patented audio system, Michelangelo is also renowned to be unique for performance and dimension.. Its efficiency, the angular dispersion added to its very low tendency to feedback make these speakers capable of unbelievable results also in premises where the riverberation makes it difficult to achieve a smooth and more clear sound. MICHELANGELO column shaped speakers open a new frontier in the world of voice projection, the clarity of sound is almost unique, the response is accurate, they deliver the voice with astonishing fidelity and high definition. Five versions are available with 28, 14, 9, 4 loudspeakers or with only one speaker (respectively 5028T MC, 5014T MC, 5009T MC, 5004T MC and 5001T MC). The cabinet is available in pearl white and in standard RAL unit on request.