The ERJK born from a passion for sound and its applications, the same passion that still unites the entire staff.

The company, which has twenty years experience in the audio field, has specialized in the production of high quality speakers for both fixed installation and for use live, also devoted its attention and its emphasis on innovation development of audio solutions particular, able to deal with potentially every challenge presented itself in any application sound.

Why choose ERJK

A ERJK product is designed and intended to give the best performance in any situation, without delurere expectations.
We combine our personal experiences to those of our customers to make their musical events, unique and unforgettable.

Made in Italy

ERJK is proud to represent Made in Italy, the essence of Italian style shows the design of each speaker.
Quality, elegance, aesthetics, innovation and creativity all under the sign of a culture of total project by giving importance to every detail.

Passion and inventive

We know that: the best ideas are those that come from the heart. The enthusiasm is contagious.
And only someone who has a genuine passion to motivate others. We invest our enthusiasm for our products.
Our passion leads us not to settle for an acceptable solution, but in everything we do we tend to perfection.